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Sometimes small encounters give rise to big changes.


In 2014 I met with a business associate in a Lebanese restaurant in Dubai to discuss business matters. My team and I were running a thriving relocation service and language school in Berlin, helping people from all over the world make their first steps in this growing city. After dinner we discussed an issue that was bothering me at the time: We were getting a huge number of requests from academics and qualified professionals who were looking for jobs in Germany. Those people were (and still are) desperately searched for by HR Managers across the country. There were so many requests that we were having trouble answering each of them with the attention they deserved. My business associate asked me a question that lay the foundation for a new company: “Why don’t you develop an app that does the answering for you?”

Since that evening in Dubai, we worked intensively on the idea and developed it further and further. We wanted to create a space to match talented professionals with Germany’s growing demand – combined with the best support we can offer. Many of our local and international partners were excited from the start. With two of them, we founded a new company and developed the brand ‘German Jobs’. We brought together a wealth of expertise, turned it digital and published it as a website. Behind this brand we are not your average start-up, but a team built from established structures, by experienced advisors.


Give people a realistic view


We are now looking forward to supporting many people abroad who have questions about immigration and the German labour market. It is important for us not to build up false hopes. No matter if their questions are about work or residence permits, the recognition of university degrees or which jobs are really wanted by the German economy, the people who use our website should be able to evaluate chances and risks realistically. We will give the users of this site help and support, specific to their circumstances, through our assessments and individual services.

Moving to a different country is a challenge. It is crucial to be well prepared and to be familiar with the language and culture of your new home. It doesn’t matter if you are planning to stay for a long time or if you are only here for a short period – the culture shock can still be the same. We want to help with your plans wherever we can, and this is also the purpose of this blog. It will provide guidance about living and working in Germany and, most importantly, it will portray a true picture of living and working in this country.

Miriam MuellerMy international and dedicated team and I wish for all our users that German Jobs will be a trustful companion to them and that they benefit as much as possible from our services – wherever you live today and wherever you choose to go tomorrow!


Miriam Mueller, CEO of Start IT Solutions GmbH


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