Culture: a rich diversity

The culture of Germany has a rich diversity. It includes the lively art and culture scene like poets and philosophers e.g. Wolfgang von Goethe. The Oktoberfest in Munich, it is very famous and the biggest fair in the world but the best-known of all the traditional festivals in Germany is the carnival, which is held each year in spring, especially in the strongholds of Cologne, Düsseldorf and Mainz. Germany also has a lot of theatres, music theatres, opera houses, museums, libraries and cinemas. Germany has a famous international film festival, the Berlinale and a vibrant media landscape. German is the most common first language in the European Union as well as one of the world´s top 10 languages. Around 120 million people speak German as their native language. German is also spoken in Austria and Switzerland. These are only some facts about Germany, if you want to know more, follow the link: 

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