Tips to get a visa

Information about visas and emigration to Germany

Do I need a visa to work in Germany? and Which visa regulations actually apply to me?
These questions are often at the beginning of the considerations to dare the next step into the German working life.
In order to answer these questions, it depends on which country you come from and which nationality you have.

Basically, this applies:

  • Nationals from the EU or EFTA countries as well as nationals from Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland do not require a visa either for entry or for taking up a professional activity.
  • Nationals from Australia, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Canada, New Zealand or the USA can enter Germany without a visa. However, the residence permit for taking up employment must be applied immediately
  • Citizens of a so-called third country must apply for a visa before leaving their home country.

In addition to the different countries of origin, a distinction is also made in the type of visa. In Germany, the different visas are linked to different purposes with corresponding requirements.

All academics with a university degree recognised in Germany can apply for a work visa. This residence title is called the “Blue Card” and is linked to the condition that a place at work in Germany corresponding to the qualifications corresponds to a gross salary of at least €52,000 per year. In jobs where there is a shortage, such as doctors, this minimum amount has been further reduced. You can read more about the topic “Blue card” in the blog entry “The Blue Card EU

If you have successfully completed your studies at a German university, you can accept a job in Germany that is appropriate for the studies you have completed. You can obtain this residence permit from the competent authority abroad.

Furthermore, a visa can be required if you want to come to Germany to seek a job. This visa is valid for 6 months. One requirement is again that you have a degree which is recognised in Germany. In addition, you must be able to show financial resources that ensure your livelihood for the entire period.

More information about these and other types of visas can be found here.

You can apply for your visa at the responsible German embassy in your home country.. It is important that you always state the correct reason for applying. You should allow enough time for all documents to be made available. The processing time can vary considerably depending on the country.

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