About German Jobs

couple_movingThere are many opportunities in Germany for qualified international professionals, but it’s not always easy to find them. And there’s visas, residence permits, and getting set up in a new country with different rules and regulations to think about too.

That’s where we come in. Our team includes professional recruiters and relocation advisors with many years of experience. We are based in Germany and are in daily contact with a network of employers as well as legal and state services to help you successfully relocate to Germany.

After digitally analysing the information you give us about your qualifications and circumstances, we will provide you with detailed advice and information to guide you through the steps you need to take to start your new life in Germany. We aim to provide the one service you need to help you with everything for your move, from finding a job to sorting your paperwork.

Private advice can be expensive. With the innovative digital service offered on germanjobs.com, we can provide access to our expertise, experience and employer network at an affordable price to all.

And that’s only the beginning. Find out more about our wide range of services.


Our employer partnerships

Our growing network includes many employers in Germany who would welcome more applications from high caliber international candidates, but find the process of relocation time consuming and risky. Because we help candidates through the whole process, and offer continued support on their arrival in Germany, both employees and employers can feel confident that recruiting skilled staff from overseas will be a smooth process. If employers know you’re using our service, they’ll be more confident employing you!


Other partnerships

We work in collaboration with the German authorities who are in charge of immigration related matters. These include:

  • BAMF (the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees)
  • Registration office for foreigners
  • Education authorities
  • We are also a certified provider of TELC language tests
  • To tell you whether your qualifications are recognised in Germany, we check them against the anabin database provided by ZAB (the Central Office for Foreign Education).


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The measures “Development of a Digital Assessment Tool for the Automation of the Accompanying Process of Foreign Professionals in the German Labor Market” and “Promotion of Market Access Assistants for International Markets” are funded by the European Regional Development Fund of the State of Brandenburg.

Our Team

German Jobs is a collaborative project and our team combines the expertise and experience of well-proven services. Start Language Service and Start Relocation Service, specialise in relocation and language learning for internationals coming to Germany. The Vita Academy trains employees to work with new technology, tools and methods. Combined, we have many years of experience in helping internationals come to Germany and build successful new lives here.

Melanie Philip

Melanie Philip

Sales and Strategy

Melanie Philip is CEO of ViVa Holding GmbH, which is a proprietor of Start IT Solutions GmbH. At German Jobs she establishes the sales strategy, builds the sales department and enhances business development. During her studies of Gerontology, Melanie specialised in demographic trends and human resources development. The professional experience that she has acquired as a Chief Business Development Officer in past positions is an invaluable asset to our new venture. Synergies in the sales approach are obvious and Melanie is keen to develop a clear line of products and support their distribution with her profound understanding of sales strategy.

She greatly enjoys marketing new and innovative product ideas and is excited about the new challenge at German Jobs. She speaks German and English.

Christian Wübbeling

Christian Wübbeling

Software Project Management

Christian comes from the North of Germany and studied Business Computing. He has more than eight years of work experience and started as a freelancer in the IT and creative sector. Christian works for worldiety GmbH in Oldenburg, which is an associate of Start IT Solutions. He is the technical advisor at German Jobs and responsible for software development. His fields of interest are cloud computing, IT security, usability and general change processes caused by technology. He speaks German, English and a bit of French, and loves cultural exchange through traveling to interesting places and countries.

Helge Franzisky

Helge Franzisky

Financial Controller

Helge Franzisky is a partner of ViVa Holding GmbH, which is a proprietor of Start IT Solutions GmbH. He holds a degree in business administration and is responsible for controlling at German Jobs. Through his activities in various business associations and political committees he is very familiar with the needs of regional economies. Well-trained professionals from abroad can find excellent career prospects throughout Germany and, together with German Jobs, Helge wants to make these opportunities accessible to all foreign professionals.