Reach more candidates.
Expand your horizons.

We recruit talent globally and match them on-demand to employers in Germany.

Thanks to our digital assessment, we can select, filter and qualify international doctors, nurses, software developers and IT specialists that meet you needs perfectly.

The best candidates land in our “Talent Pool” and are then interviewed by us in order to create individual profiles with key information.

Our world-wide network of partners sends us new candidates every day from both EU and non-EU countries.

We take care of everything: language classes, professional recognitions, bureaucracy, on-boarding and relocation as requested!

Find the right professionals for your team conveniently and effectively

Our services for Companies

Learn more about how German Jobs helps employers find international professionals and bring them to Germany. Download the flyer (DE)(PDF, 310 Kb).

Use our Assessment Software

Employers can use our assessment and matching software for their own hiring practices. Learn more about how you can customise German Jobs’ tools for your own HR department.

How it works


Create an employer profile and set up a candidate search


Receive a list of the candidate profiles that match your search criteria


Pick your candidates and we’ll send you an individualized quote for hiring


Tips to get a visa

Information about visas and emigration to Germany Do I need a visa to work in Germany? and Which visa regulations actually apply to me? These questions are often at the beginning of the considerations to dare the next step into the German working life. In order to answer these questions, it depends on which country […]

Requirements for working as a foreign doctor in Germany

What are the requirements for working as a foreign doctor in Germany? In order to work as a physician in Germany, you need a so-called approbation, a license to practise medicine in the long term. This regulation is obligatory, regardless of whether the degree was obtained abroad or in Germany. Depending on ones origin, immigrant […]

Sought after: good doctors

Germany has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. The use of the very latest therapies and medical equipment helps guarantee an exceptionally high level of care. At the same time, doctors are held in great esteem by the German population. In surveys, the medical profession is consistently one of the most highly […]


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