Our job matching service

We help you find a job in Germany that matches your qualifications – and we help employers find qualified international professionals to recruit.

  • Our job offers are only available to candidates who have taken our assessment, qualified to enter our talent pool and been pre-interviewed by us.
  • Your profile can be searched for directly by employers, including hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. They know our candidates have already had their qualifications and eligibility assessed by us.
  • We take away the risk of hiring you as an international candidate – by making your relocation easy, from learning medical German to applying for your visa.

That’s why our partner employers come to us. Make sure your application gets noticed by taking our assessment and joining the German Jobs talent pool.

Frequently asked questions

If you have taken the assessment and not been accepted in the talent pool, there’s work to do before you can apply for the skilled jobs we offer in Germany. But most requirements can be met, and with your German Jobs account you have the guidance you need. So be proactive! Your account is permanent and we will help you along the way until you can join the talent pool and find the right opportunity for you.

If you take our assessment, you will get an evaluation of your individual chances of coming to work in Germany. We have an internal point system which shows us whether you are currently eligible to join the Talent Pool. If not, you can actively work on your chances to qualify for our Talent Pool by following the steps in your roadmap that can help you improve your situation.

German Jobs has developed a point system based on an evaluation of different aspects of your situation. We look at your chances of getting a visa and resident permit which allow you to work here, such as the EU Blue Card. We assess how you meet the requirements of German employers. And we take into account your current level of German, qualifications, and current status of any licenses required to practice in your profession. All candidates receive a roadmap of the steps they should take to improve their score.

The point score does not represent an official assessment from the German government. It is a German Jobs evaluation, designed to give you an accurate idea of your chances based on our knowledge of how your circumstances compare to the requirements in Germany. You are always free to make your own applications to German companies and see how you do.